Chategory? What's that?

Chategory is a PHP-powered chatting system. Unlike most chatting systems, however, it updates its content without page-reloading by utilizing Ajax technology. The core system can be used in many ways, including a complete chatting system and a shout box.

Hmm, What About Features?

You can check out the features list in the SourceForge project pages.

Any Bugs or Known Issues?

Yep, more than we'd like to admit...

I Want to Test It.

Sure thing! Give the current version a shot! You can use the username "Administrator" and the password "admin" for administrator access. If you find any bugs, be sure to report them!

Beta or alpha tester? Grab the latest builds and get to testing!

Wow! I Want This!

Glad to hear it! Check out our downloads page for the latest files.

Got Promotional Buttons?

Of course! Would we be American if we didn't have some form of self-promotion? Following are a couple of promotional buttons that you can make use of.

Chategory: Chatting,

Chategory: It's yours.
   Take it.

Can I Help?

Donations, suggestions, questions, comments, ideas, recommendations, and/or code support are always highly appreciated. If you want to do any of the aforementioned, visit the tracker page.